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About the Artist

John Baird was born in 1948 in Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland ,to be precise in GatelodgeNo.62 of the County Donegal Narrow Gauge Railway where he was brought up by his Grandparents. It was in this environment and within the sights and sounds of the coastal shipping vessels that brought cargoes to the local Port at Ballyraine,that the young Baird grew up in. He started drawing these at the early age of 10.and then little did this self taught artist know that his coloured pendrawings and some paintings would find their way into private collections worldwide. Exhibitions at home and abroad were to follow and having spent time sailing in small coasters and local fishing boats in earlier years, his artwork benefitted from this experience. Well known for his accuracy and attention to detail, John,s work has also been published in shipping and commercial fishing magazines, one of them being the well known Dutch shipping magazine " De Blauwe Wimpel" shown on this page. He is author of "The Port, A short illustrated History of Port Ballyraine" and " The Fiesta" a book about the local ballroom and Irish Showband era of the 60s. which played a big part in his life growing up